Module 6: Creating Your Own Content

This was a great module! I experimented with creating a video of myself introducing my online chemistry course.  It was very easy to make.  I could see myself using videos such as this to inform students about important course events and to present mini lectures.  I also explored other tools that could be used to create my own content.

1.) Prezi: This can be used to create presentations.  However, I still like using PowerPoint better.  And, Prezi is only free for one month.  Then, you have to pay to use it.  

2.) Jing: This tool can be used to capture screens (videos, images, etc.).  I would like to explore this more.

I also learned about additional tools from my classmates:

1.) Camtasia: This can combine video, audio, and Power Point.  I could see myself using this for lectures.

2.) Tegrity Lecture capture: Again, webcam can be combined with PowerPoint.  Perhaps this would be easier to use than Camtasia? Only experimentation will tell…


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