Module 3: Communicating Anytime

  • Discussions: I will definitely continue to include discussion forums in my online class, and I will actively participate in them. 
  • Use of blogs: One blog I researched for this module was Chemjobber.  The purpose of this blog is to help chemistry majors find jobs.  The blog may be accessed at  I could use it as an assignment in which I ask students to provide a summary of jobs available for chemists.  I could also use this blog as a discussion activity.  In this case, I would ask students to choose a potential career and ask them to explain why this area would excite them.  Another potential use for this blog would be for students to access it and post a comment or question about a certain career opportunity.   This would provide students with experience in using blogs to obtain information. 
  • Use of polling: Free polls can be created at  This could be a great tool to use in online courses.  I could see it being used as an activity in which students are asked to create a poll on a certain topic. I could also use polling in my online class to evaluate students’ preconceived ideas about topics not yet covered.

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